Data aggregation, historical searches, and analysis like never before.

With NTerminal you go from needing data to working with it in seconds. No need to search for data. No need to edit or clean data. No need to build back-end support.

NTerminal brings cutting edge data aggregation and analytics to the digital asset ecosystem to create unique insights. NTerminal was built by and for data scientists, finance professionals, government policy makers, and blockchain experts. Our technology allows you to holistically and efficiently examine markets, market movements, and new industries migrating to blockchain solutions.


Financial data and analysis spanning thousands of markets and currencies.

Comprehensive and high-quality financial data spanning the entire digital currency ecosystem. NTerminal data feeds are updated real-time. We offer terabytes of historical market data and analytical tools from market alerts to charting capabilities to optimize workflow.


Cutting edge linguistic analysis.

Qualitative data across traditional media and social media. Market influencing decisions by global financial regulators and policy makers. NTerminal boasts the latest in natural language processing, sentiment analysis, entity recognition, automatic translations, and optical character recognition for unique discoveries with alternate data sets.


Blockchain analysis.

The farthest reaching and most powerful blockchain analysis on the market. NTerminal provides data and analysis on blockchain transactions, the activity of individual blockchain developers, and the code of projects built on blockchain.


Pushing technological boundaries.

NTerminal’s Yupana project uses classic AI approaches as well as Agent Based modeling, and Hierarchical Temporal Memory to define relationships, establish behavioral rules, and provide users with meaningful predictions in cryptofinance.


Open marketplace for all.

NTerminal aims to be the one stop shop for intelligence as new industries produce and rely on open data. NTerminal’s marketplace encourages fast-paced innovation through collaboration and knowledge sharing by allowing third-party developers the opportunity to create and sell their own tools and applications.


Get data in

Integrate any available data source in five minutes with our proprietary data retrieval tech. Privately integrate your own data or source third party data services through our platform.

Pull data out

Built-in export functionality and native support for the tools you use. Export to PDF, CSV, Excel or use a well documented REST API.

Build your own dashboards

Create insights with customizable charts and dashboards to provide unique visualizations of trade strategies with just a few lines of code.

Schedule reports

Auto-generate reports and schedule their delivery based on your trade strategies.

Create real-time alerts

Design alerts based on what is important to you, from market movements to specific developers tweeting or committing code.

Correlate events with ease

NTerminal automatically indexes and correlates extracted data fields to measure relationships between financial variables. You can also correlate with external data fields.

Predict outcomes

NTerminal’s agent based modeling project defines relationships, establishes behavioral rules, and provides users with meaningful crypto-ecosystem predictions.

Search historical data

Terabytes of historical market data and decades worth of information is at your disposal.

Developer friendly

Content delivery chain that pushes data streams into any system if you choose not to use ours. At any point, our modules can forward data to your system automatically converted to your required format.


Edwin Marcial

Atlanta, GA, USA

Edwin Marcial has 25 years of experience leading technology teams, and architecting and developing software systems. Mr. Marcial is the former founder, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). During his tenure at ICE, Edwin created and managed one of the most talented and effective technology teams in the country. The team of over 350 developers and technologists designed and built every mission critical system used to operate ICE markets, exchanges and clearing houses. Edwin has been noted for several honors including one of the top 10 CIOs on Wall Street in 2010, InfoWorld’s top 25 CTOs in 2009, and in 2007 Mr. Marcial was named the Georgia Corporate CIO of the Year.

Gina Grosso

Arlington, VA, USA

Gina Grosso is a retired Lieutenant General in the United States Air Force. She is a global strategic leader with 32 years of experience culminating as the United States Air Force’s chief of personnel. She is skilled at leading large, diverse organizations through change that improves business results and has experience briefing national security issues at the highest levels of the Federal government, to include Congress. She has a background in applied mathematics from Carnegie Mellon. She's now bringing all of this experience to Inca to help them grow.

Michel Finzi

New York, NY, USA

Michel Finzi is Chief Commercial Officer at Tassat, a global financial technology provider of innovative solutions bridging the traditional and digital asset markets. Prior to working at Tassat, Michel spent five years as the Head of Global Sales and Marketing at RealTick, a financial technology firm that was acquired by Barclays, and served as a Managing Director at Instinet for 15 years. He's an extreme sports guy at heart - skiing, surfing, and even still skateboarding to work in his suit on occasion.


Adam Zarazinski, Co-Founder
Chief Executive Officer

Washington, DC, USA

Adam is a social entrepreneur and former US Air Force Judge Advocate, where he served as a prosecutor at Joint Base Andrews and operations law attorney in Afghanistan. He has managed and developed projects around new technology for international organizations like INTERPOL and the World Health Organization. When not working, Adam enjoys practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. One time he rolled with Relson Gracie in Brazil. He lost.

Jules Hirschkorn
Business Analytics, Operations, and Development

Portland, OR, USA

Jules is a US Air Force veteran and blockchain advocate. He has a background in engineering, Russian studies and finance. Occassionally he still flies airplanes.

Zach Fallon
Government Relations Lead

Annapolis, MD, USA

Zach is an attorney with over a dozen years of experience advising on compliance obligations under the federal securities laws. His experience spans nine years at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Division of Corporate Finance and Office of the General Counsel. Prior to the SEC, he practiced at Latham & Watkins. He spent over 4 years building a rock wall in his back-yard. It’s taken him another 4 years to climb it.

Nicholas Gans
Director of Research & Development

Denver, CO, USA

Nick is a neuroscience graduate who helped start a molecular pharmacogenetics laboratory. He has interests in complex systems and information processing. His fly brain dissection skills have transferred nicely to typing on the keyboard all day.

Zach Finzi
Data Scientist/Engineer

Fairfield, CT, USA

Zach is a steep alpine skier facinated by simple systems with complex capabilities. Calling upon his background in neuroscience and software development, he enjoys building and researching dynamic networks involved in data modeling and analysis.

Caleb Winn
Product Manager

Raleigh, NC, USA

Storytelling with data is a passion. Caleb brings a solution-oriented mindset to visualize information and communicate the value of Inca to diverse stakeholders.

Alex Powning
Junior Software Developer

Boston, MA, USA

Alex is a software developer with two years experience in the medical device space, primarily building out APIs and IoT solutions. Having studied political science, he's also interested in game theory and predicting social outcomes through modeling.

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